The Euphoberia by Frisky Beast

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Hi, I’m the Hierophant, and welcome to The Silicon Temple! I love weird, artsy, uncommon, and fantastic sex toys. If you can have an orgasm with it and marvel at the colors, design, or weirdness of it (not necessarily in that order,) there’s a chance I’m interested in it. I own a decent amount of toys myself, mostly silicon dildos, but this is my first go at reviewing and sharing my experiences in an organized manner.

Frisky Beast’s Euphoberia is a toy very close to my heart. It might have something to do with being a centipede trapped in a human body, or because I really, really love the aesthetic of chitinous plates, or maybe because bug monster penises aren’t a popular subject for toy designers. Maybe it’s because this toy is secretly the world’s biggest g-spot tease despite not looking like it’s shaped for it? Regardless, I’m making this lovely chilopod my first review ever on the Silicon Temple.

Before I talk about the toy itself, we’re gonna jump into the time machine and have a short history lesson – read on!

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