Call me the Hierophant. I’m a 20something dfab (declared female at birth) genderfluid fantasy toy enthusiast with a variety of kinks. I started this blog to give my experiences and feelings on sex toys and accessories, porn in all mediums, other review sites, and just to talk about my experiences as a sexually active queer young adult navigating the world of porn. I’m wordy, debateably un/funny, and often take tangents a mile away from the topic at hand. This is a part of the journey we’ll be taking as we wander the jungles of alternative sexuality with only a map crudely painted onto a vinyl hood and a compass fashioned out of a DVD labelled “Boku” to guide us. Won’t you join me?

I have a somewhat public presence on the rest of the internet – usually I like to keep my real life and internet life fairly intertwined, but I’m being cautious about this one – if you know me, you probably recognize me, simple as that. Keep the alias going for me!

The following people, through some avenue or another, were influential in my decision to create this blog, so I’ll credit them here:

Infernal Monkey




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